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Warranty Information

Frontier Axe and Tool Lifetime Warranty

So long as your tool is used in it's proper manner it should outperform and outlast our competitors. We are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all of our tools, details below. However, in order to take advantage of this warranty we ask that you register your axe here.

Axe Warranty

Axe heads: Hand forged axe heads are warranted against any breaks, chips or deformations when used against wood. Damage caused by mishandling of the axe, cutting roots in soil, hitting rocks or other misuse is not covered. Old heads (vintage axe heads in our Heritage Line ) are visually inspected for any faults that may lead to a future failure but unfortunately they cannot be replaced. 

Handles: We choose only the finest second growth straight grained US hickory for our axe handles. Should your handle break during normal woodcraft cut the rest off and mail us the head, we will re-hang it for just the cost of the handle. If the handle becomes loose on the head stop using the axe immediately and contact us for a remedy.